Birds are very fun and playful pets. One thing that is absolutely crucial to Polly’s health and well-being is making sure she has lots of fun toys. You’ll need to rotate your pet’s playthings out regularly to keep things fun for her. Fortunately, you can make many fun bird toys out of regular household items. Read on for some great DIY bird toys from a Lake Orion, MI vet.

Hanging Toys

Birds love hanging toys! Plastic shower curtain rings are a great go-to for making these. You incorporate all sorts of things: twisted paper rings, playing cards, popsicle sticks, cupcake holders, waxed paper cups, and rice cakes are all great options.

Phone Book Toys

This one is ridiculously easy, and it’s a favorite among many of our feathered friends. Punch holes in one corner of a black-and-white phone book, and then hang it in Polly’s cage. Birds love tearing these up!


This one is a great project for kids. Use a water-flour mix to make a piñata, and then decorate it with non-toxic paint. Fill the piñata with treats and toys, and hang it in your winged pal’s cage.

Egg Carton Surprise

Don’t toss out those cardboard egg cartons! Put a small treat or toy in each cup. Bottlecaps, poker chips, golf balls, and wooden thread spools are a few good options. Then close the lid and give it to your feathered pal!

Pasta Fun

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Fill a tissue box with plain, uncooked spaghetti. You may be surprised at how much fun Polly has snapping the sticks.

Shoebox Fun

The next time you get a new pair of shoes, don’t throw the box out. Put some smaller toys inside it, and give the whole thing to Polly.

Birdie Basket

For this one, you’ll need a wicker basket with handles. Wrap cloth or rope around the handles to make them into comfortable perches. Then, fill the basket with a variety of smaller items. Voila! Happy bird.


Always put your bird’s safety first. Never give Polly anything sharp, or anything small enough for her to swallow. Some plastic objects are also dangerous, as birds can break pieces off and eat them. Ask your vet for more information.

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