Cats are very curious and playful, to say the least. They’re also rather sleepy. However, while Fluffy does spend a rather ridiculous amount of time snoozing, she can’t sleep all the time. Your cute pet will need stimulation and enrichment when she is actually awake! Read on as a local Auburn Hills, MI vet offers some tips on keeping your kitty from getting bored.


First and foremost, offer your feline buddy lots of toys to play with. Cats all have unique tastes, so offer Fluffy a variety of things, and see what she likes best. Remember to change your pet’s playthings out regularly. (You’ll also have to periodically rescue some of those catnip mice from beneath the couch.)

Window View

Kitties are quite nosy, and they love to watch what’s going on in their domains. Give your furry friend a comfy window seat, so she can relax and watch birds and squirrels. Fluffy may spend hours monitoring local wildlife and daydreaming about being a fierce predator.

Hidey Holes

Cats love to explore little nooks and crannies. Set out things for your nosy little pet to investigate, such as paper bags, cardboard boxes, and newspaper tunnels. Remember to rearrange these regularly to keep things fun and fresh for her.


We recommend that cats be kept indoors, as they are much safer that way. However, you can give your kitty a taste of nature by setting out some pet safe plants. Fluffy often likes nibbling on greenery and peeking out from behind foliage. You can find a list of good options at the ASPCA website here.


While your furry pal should have some things she can use by herself, she’ll also enjoy interactive play. This is much more challenging for her than just attacking a feather toy. Make a habit of playing with your kitty every day. This will be great for Fluffy both mentally and physically. Just be sure to put wand toys up after each use.

Kitty TV

We know, this may sound like a stretch. However, some cats really do enjoy watching shows made for them. If nothing else, the background noise will help soothe your feline friend, and keep her from feeling lonely. Give it a try!

Please reach out to us, your Auburn Hills, MI vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!