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Caring for a Baby Snake


Are you considering raising a snake? If so, it may be tempting to get a baby one. There are some advantages to raising your pet. People often find it easier to bond with animals they have raised themselves. A captive-born snake will also be more docile than a wild one. Plus, they tend to be … Read More »

9 Reasons to Consider a Reptilian Pet


Are you looking for a pet that is a bit unique? You may want to consider a reptile. While reptiles may not be right for everyone, they do have some very dedicated fans. As it turns out, they have some very wonderful and unique qualities that really do make them wonderful pets. An Auburn Hills, … Read More »

DIY Bird Toys

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Birds are very fun and playful pets. One thing that is absolutely crucial to Polly’s health and well-being is making sure she has lots of fun toys. You’ll need to rotate your pet’s playthings out regularly to keep things fun for her. Fortunately, you can make many fun bird toys out of regular household items. … Read More »

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