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4 Steps to Protect Your Pet Against Rabies


Just the word “rabies” tends to conjure up some frightening images in the mind’s eye. And because rabies is a zoonotic disease, meaning that it can be transmitted from animals to humans, it’s particularly dangerous. Luckily, rabies has been all but eliminated in the United States and many other parts of the world thanks to … Read More »

You Can Catch These Diseases From Your Dog


As you know, your dog is susceptible to various diseases and infections. Have you ever wondered whether or not you could potentially catch any of those illnesses from your pooch? It’s a scary thought. And it’s true—it is possible for dogs to transmit certain illnesses to humans. The diseases in question are known as zoonotic … Read More »

Barbecue Safety for Fido


Summer is on the way, and we all know what that means. It’s barbeque season! Many of our canine patients are also quite enthusiastic about barbeques. Just be sure to put your pet’s safety first. An Auburn Hills, MI vet list some tips on that below. Food Fido will be paying pretty close attention to … Read More »

Senior Cat Care


Did you know that the average age of a pet cat is about 13 to 17 years? However, it’s not uncommon for our feline pals to live much longer than that. With good care, Fluffy may live to be well over 20! As your kitty ages, you’ll start to see some gradual changes. She’ll also … Read More »

Obesity In Cats


Did you know that well over half of our feline friends are obese or overweight? Fluffy may look cute if she’s a bit round, but those extra pounds are actually very bad for her health. A Lake Orion, MI vet discusses kitty obesity below. Basics Although any cat can become obese, kitties usually start getting … Read More »

Signs of Allergies In Dogs


Do you suffer from allergies? Even if you don’t, you likely know someone who does. Our canine pals can also be afflicted with allergies. Fido can react to a wide variety of substances, such as grass, mold, dust, pollen, insect bites, and ingredients in his food or shampoo. These allergies can develop at any point … Read More »

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