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Debbie LaCroixDebbie LaCroix

Awesome doctors and staff!!

Elle McGeeElle McGee

Orion Animal Care Center took great care of our cat when he suddenly exhibited symptoms of a UTI. They got him in right away and began treatment. Other vets in the area who agreed that it was an emergency, wouldn't schedule an appointment. Orion Animal Care Center saw him immediately, were kind and caring, and Jake is now on the right side of this.
We will continue to take him to Orion Animal Care Center. I would recommend it to anyone.

Nadia M.Nadia M.

We've gone to their other location, Animal Hospital Maple Orchard for a few years before this one opened. It's a better location for us since we moved. With...

Kayla NicoleKayla Nicole

Super friendly and caring staff! So glad we chose this vet for our cat Zeus!!

Paul B.Paul B.

First visit today with our boy Milo. The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming, the facility is basically brand new and very nice, the location is...

Shiane N LindemannShiane N Lindemann

This place is one of the best I've ever dealt. They are great people everyone there. I called an next day I was able to get coopeer in for his surgery and the cost was affordable. He is doing so well. I cannot thank them all enough for repairing cooper. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and thanks so so much everything. You guys totally rock from the 1st day there you made it feel less stressful an explained many things. I know cooper loved it there as im sure everyone loved him. thank you again

Alicia RenaeAlicia Renae

I cannot recommend Orion Animal Care Center enough! We have a chocolate lab who is 4 months old now and we began taking him here at 6 weeks. During his first weeks, he gave us a little bit of health scare. Everyone at Orion Animal Care Center were SO comforting and were able to cater to last minute appointments to make sure that we got him taken care of.
Everybody here is so kind and my dog is noticeably excited every single time we pull in the parking lot. We like to joke that he is going to see his ‘girlfriends’ because that is how much he loves the staff here.
We will never take our dog anywhere else.

Lacey JayneLacey Jayne

My regular vet was not able to see me. My dog gave me quite the scare. Dr. Brown was amazing over the phone and made time to see my dog right away.

The staff anticipated me coming and met me outside to help him in, and he was seen right away!

The staff and Dr. Brown were absolutely wonderful, and he’s doing much better!

Will be switching to here.

Alicia S.Alicia S.

I couldn't say enough good things about Orion Animal Care Center if I tried. I am so thankful that we decided to take our dog here when we first got him....

Stephanie WoodStephanie Wood

The entire staff is absolutely amazing!! My puppy just loves his “girlfriends” there

Kara PowersKara Powers

Dr Brown & all staff were wonderful with our hedgehog when she got sick and eventually hit end of life. It’s very hard to find someone to see a hedgehog around here but they fit us in promptly and gave wonderful, compassionate care. I’m very thankful for their help and plan to have my dogs starting going there as well. Affordable pricing as well.

Abby JoAbby Jo

Highly recommend. They got me in on the same day when my boy was showing symptoms of what I thought was an allergic reaction when my vet was full. He had been bitten by a dog previously in his life and became fearful aggressive, making it difficult to manage him at the vet when under such high anxiety from hearing other dogs. He was weak and the staff came out to my car to examine him, take samples, and give an ultrasound. We found out that day that Hooch had Hemangiosarcoma, and only a few days left to live.

That being said, I am so thankful that my vet was full and we made an appointment with a new clinic on this day. Now knowing the stress his body was under aside from the stress of his mind from the visit, I can't explain how grateful I am that they went the extra mile for my guy that day. Thanks so much to all the staff, your care did not go unappreciated or unnoticed. Thank you.

Kristina KohlerKristina Kohler

Beyond kind, caring, and helpful 💜

Sara JayneSara Jayne

The staff and vet were so caring and friendly! So glad I choose them to take care of my dog!

Britt K HaasBritt K Haas

In an attempt to find a veterinarian who is used to and accepts large breed dogs, OACC came highly recommended by my pet groomer. The Facility and Staff are amazing! Warm and Friendly. Moose (my French Mastiff) loved them and was waging his tale - even when getting his shots. Moose did not shake in nervousness like he had with others in the past. And, their prices are affordable. I HIGHLY recommend them!!!

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