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What does quality of life mean for your pet? At Orion Animal Care Center, we believe it’s all about prevention. By investing in things like annual checkups, routine health screenings, vaccines and nutrition, we can provide your loved one with many happy, lively years. That’s always our biggest goal, and a journey we would be honored to join you on.

In addition to wellness and preventative medicine, our services are also designed to cover just about any need that may arise for your pet. Whether it’s a diagnostic test to pinpoint an illness, surgery to address an injury or critical care for the unexpected emergency, we’ve got you covered. Our hospital is also equipped with a convenient on-site laboratory and pharmacy to make managing your pet’s health even easier.

To view a complete list of the comprehensive services available to patients of Orion Animal Care Center, please see below. Or get in touch with us directly. We’d love to partner with you in helping your best friend truly thrive.

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